Friday, July 14, 2006


*I had a dream last night that my family arrived to visit me but that they failed the mandatory language test they were given at the airport and so they were forced back on the plane and back to America. I think the anxiety of going home in less than a month after close to a year in Africa is beginning to set in...

*Slaughtering a cow is really different than slaughtering a goat. I could talk about this fact for awhile.

*We currently have water, but with the water came a leaky pipe in our ceiling directly above the bathtub. Now bathing requires one to withstand Namibian water torture.

*Thanks to everyone who donated shoes. So far I’ve received four boxes, about 100 shoes. It’s been great, really great.

*If you are at all interested in helping out the schools, teachers, learners as well as the TRC in Omaruru, please check out the new link and post: Omaruru’s Wish List

*Happy birthday month, Katie and Kelli :)


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