Monday, October 16, 2006

Cait's Photos

Cait's photos, posted by Nolan: So, I got an email from Cait the other day, with two photos attached and this message, "just upgraded my comp and its running faster than ever-- a very exciting time at my office:) i will try to send some pics just now." Apparently the speed was an illusion; it took her about 15 minutes to send me each photo, each in it's own this little set represents a lot of work. Hopefully she'll keep sending them :) Anyway, here are Cait's photos with captions she included.


One of the random games the kids here have made up. The object is to fill, dump and refill the tin with sand as many times possible while dodging a wadded-up ball of plastic bags being thrown at you from either side. If you are hit, you are out and your total tins filled are tallied and added to overall score.

Though innocent looking, the kids here are incredibly competitive. This is the beginning of a rumble between the two girls' teams which I had to break up

Oh, how the boredom sparks such creativity. Here are some small kids in town who made their own high jump practice equipment using bamboo stalks

More high jump practice

The backdrop of our lovely little town. You can see the mountain, referred to in Afrikaans by locals as the "koppie," from many many miles away. It's how you know you are approaching Ruru.

Hiking the koppie and trying to decide the best possible route to use

My dear friend Rachel looking a little weary as we hike. She has yet to attempt the hike with us again :)

Little Wendy, a learner, scaling the mountain. She screamed the entire way.

And a view of the town of Omaruru from atop the mountain.

We are only in the beginning of our dry months here now and it's amazing to look back at how green it was when this was taken, mid-February, compared to how it looks now. This is the view of Omaruru's surrounding areas.

Two learners, Wendy and Gabriel, posing for a picture at the top of the mountain

The mopane worm, traditional food of the Owambo tribe. These are lovely little worms that have shades of pink and purple and even a bit of glitter and are found all over the trees in Omaruru during the rainy season. During the hike we gathered some and took them home to eat. Yum.

This is hostel where I live, taken from outside the school grounds. And that looks like donkey poo on the ground. The donkeys come into the school quite frequently and the learners ride them around the school grounds. It's a strange thing.

One of the holes I jump through when I leave the hostel. (sorry guys, I don't know why this won't load correctly, but if you click on it you can see the whole image-N.)

A typical Saturday afternoon at my house includes riveting (and often hilarious) games of Scrabble...

...and always laundry. Here, Marcus demonstrates typical washing technique.

This pic was taken from my patio. On the weekends, our yard fills with learners doing their wash.

One of our grade 12 learners, Mattie, retrieving his shoes from the roof of our house. The learners are religious about washing their shoes, trying desperately to keep them white in the African dust. After washing, they put them on our roof to dry so that no one will steal them. Many mornings, my wake up call comes at 5:30am when the boys are running across our tin roof collecting their shoes.

Some kids posing for a picture in town.

Spectators at a soccer game in the location. This day, in a game versus a private school in our circuit, we were fortunate enough to use the private, and well-maintained, soccer field...

...but most days, it's pick-up soccer games on the dirt field in the location.

More soccer

Himba wrestling! Here's Nelson getting tossed by the traffic cop.

And Mark struggling against my co-worker and friend Jeremia; part-time Himba wrestler, full-time District Literacy Officer.


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