Monday, January 23, 2006

Week One

I'm only in my 1st week of service, and already I can tell that life in PC post-training is going to be completely different. I'm still working to fall into a groove at my new job, but I can see where and how I'm needed, which is encouraging. My title at work is "primary-teacher trainer." I will be working at the Omaruru Teacher's Resource Center, assessing the needs of my regional teachers. Over the next two years, my work will include acquiring computers for our new computer lab as well as funding for an internet connection, preparing and presenting workshops on English and literacy to regional teachers, observing and possibly co-teaching with local teachers in their classrooms, and forming an after-school girls club of some sort-- many exciting things to look forward to!

I was a bit spoiled during PST because I had all my friends and fellow trainees here with me in Omaruru. Now it feels like a bit of a ghost town with the PC presence gone. It's strange being away from all my friends who have become like family to me over the past few months. It's amazing how quickly you can bond with people over dire circumstances! Luckily, training in Omaruru gave me the opportunity to get to know many community members before being sent out on my own, a perk no other volunteer had. Though it's still quieter around here, the daily greetings-- "Goeie more, Ms. Lin!"-- are still all around me. :)

After many last minute changes, and two complete moves to two new houses in two days, I'm finally getting settled into what looks like will be my house for at least the time being. I'm living at a school hostel about 3km from my office. Having originally been a bit disappointed at the thought of having little interaction with Namibia learners, this move suits me well. Though I'm not teaching, I get to hang out with the kids whenever I want, and I don't have to discipline them at all! And also in the final hour (we have learned to never get too comfortable in PC), another volunteer was moved to Omaruru and is living with me. Since she is on a mission to de-cockroach our house, and since I can't seem to get over my phobia of them and am therefore quite useless on the extermination front, she and I have become fast friends. :)

There has been some very exciting news in my family. For those who haven't heard, my brother Nolan and his girlfriend Soozy have gotten engaged! I'm a bit sad to be missing out on all the pre-wedding activities, but this does mean that I, in fact, will be coming home for a vacation before I finish my service here. The big day is looking to be in late August of this year, which actually doesn't seem too far away.

As I mentioned earlier, one of my first priorities here is to get internet at my TRC, which would mean a much more consistent blogging schedule. But until then, please know that I'm doing my best and I'm so glad that some of you are still reading! My permanent address has changed, if anyone is interested in sending me anything:) I'm also working on getting my pics from PST loaded and posted, so stay tuned. Take care of yourselves, gaan goed!


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