Thursday, January 18, 2007

A Post By Sheila

Hi blog readers:

Visiting Caitlin in Namibia was an amazing adventure...What a place! We traveled to Zimbabwe to stay in Victoria Falls for three nights, returned to Namibia and I drove for the rest of the trip visiting Caitlin's little town of Omaruru, visited with the Mayor and saw the site where they hope to build the youth center, toured the "location" where people who live in real poverty live, visited with a doctor (eligible for sainthood) as he drove us around the medical compound that serves the most needy ill and their little ones, our family then drove through and stayed a couple of nights in Etosha, toured a cheetah preserve, visited a Himba village, drove to the Skelton Coast (unbelievable driving experience), stayed a few nights in Swakopmund (Brad & Angelina-land) returned to Windhoek, enjoyed a Chicago pizza with the Jeff Jenks' family and flew home Tuesday. Exhausted.

We remain exceeding grateful for our easy way of life with food and shelter, great schools and school lunch programs. The Namibian people are amazing and cheerful and they have beautiful positive children. Whatever kindness comes their way through projects like the Onalaska Garrity kids' blanket project, financial support for Caitlin's work, the GLOW project and so much other support is more appreciated than donors can ever know. Your help and Caitlin's work are making a difference in the lives of the world's most needy.

The learners who live in youth hostel eat porridge three times a day. Seldom do they enjoy meat or dairy, this makes projects that assist with food, shelter and schools, that can lift learners out of poverty, all the more critical.

Thank you for your support of this work and blessings and all good things for your and your families in 2007.


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