Thursday, March 08, 2007

Pictures by Cindy

After visiting Kat in Namibia and traveling together to South Africa with her Peace Corps friends and Zimbabwe with her family, I thought I would post a few pictures.

Amazing African sunset view from Kat's hostel

Mark, Cindy and Kat at the bars in Cape Town

Shark diving could have been a big mistake!

...and for some it was. Dan learned the hard way that, after a year of relative sobriety in an African village, staying up until 5am sampling all the flavours of tequila that Cape Town has to offer and then getting on a shark diving boat at 6am is not the best idea.

King of Africa

African elephants

Sean on the Zambezi sunset cruise

Hippos really do open their mouths to almost 180 degrees

Sean and Cin getting rained on by the Victoria Falls mist in Zimbabwe

What a cute family at the falls

Victoria Falls is over 110 meters at some points

We flew over the falls before we landed in Zimbabwe. The river is the Zambezi and many say it can be the most intense white water rafting in the world. We conquered the rafting, but the hike out the the gorge was another story.

Bless the rains down in Africa

Consta getting some air sandboarding

We had sand everywhere for days after

Jana attempted a 180 of the jump

Cindy trading snow for sand

We had to take two planes for the 6 of us to get from Windhoek to Zimbabwe, so we flew right next to each other - look hard, you may be able to see Sean waving:)

The sand dunes in Swakopmund

Cindy and the dunes

We drove a lot. Learning to drive stick shift on the opposite side of the road made for a few long days:)

Sunset from Etosha park

A watering hole in Etosha with an elephant, giraffes, zibra, ostriges, elands and more

More of the watering hole

The sky was so amazing

A zebra in Etosha National Park

Some down time at another watering hole

He is looking right at us!

Wildebeests roaming

We saw a ton of elands

Namibia's Finest - Tafel Lager

A long road and a lion - very African:)


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