Thursday, February 09, 2006


Hi everyone, this is Nolan, Cait's older brother. She sent me some photos in the mail a few weeks ago, and I finally got them. She had chosen some she wanted on the blog, written some captions, so here they are. I hope you like them, I do.

A group picture of Nam25

Some good friends, Luke, Mark and Pam, at the Sand Dragon, a coffee shop in Omaruru

The ballroom where our swearing-in ceremony was held- on the left is the Country Director Jeff Millington, and on the right is our Training Manager Tuuanda Keeja (TK)

As part of Damara funeral tradition, my host family and I ate goat head the night before my uncle's funeral

My friends Mariel and Pam posing with our potato salad after our American-themed picnic we threw for our host families

New Year's Eve with friends, Karen, Rute, and Angie

After swearing-in with my good friends Luke, Mark, Chester, and Spanish Dan. This was also probably the last time most of these guys showered.

Some children at the orphanage in Omaruru

My office, the Omaruru TRC

On Christmas Eve, we visited the children and took them presents......and they sang us Christmas carols :)

Some babas in my neighborhood

My friend Chris taking a walk with Petrus, one of the orphans

The daily sunsets here are really amazing

ditto :)


Anonymous Sue S. said...

Hi Caitlin,
Gary and I are enjoying keeping up with you through your blog. The pictures Nolan posted are great. What a volume of learning you've already aquired. I've repeated the "You eat the feet?" story, sympathized with your cockroach dreams, and applauded the way you've adapted to the native ways by moving your cooking area outdoors. I'm sure the man you described in your most recent posting will definitely be in love with you by the end of your stay.
News of La Crosse? Well, the causeway will look different when you return. A new Festival Foods, strip mall and bank office building are under construction. Gary and I already had a romantic Valentine evening out at the Roosevelt Elementary School dance. That about covers it.
We send our love, prayers, and support. Happy Valentines Day!
Sue and Gary

6:31 AM  

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